How much is Thermomix?

Thermomix is not sold online nor can you find it in the store.
It is only sold through direct sales agents who will also be your demonstrators.
In fact, I find this method so much better than selling in store cause you know you will have someone whom you can call to ask for recipes and how to use the machine.
To find out how to request for a demonstration or how to own this AWESOME machine in Malaysia, contact us at

It’s true — this specialty kitchen machine is only available from authorized independent consultants around the world. (Direct selling is a way to ensure a supportive, successful, culinary experience for professional chefs and home cooks alike.)

See links below for Thermomix price reported by various sites around the world. (Note that not all are authorized representatives.)

  • Thermomix price in Australia (+/-$1939)
  • Thermomix in New Zealand price (+/-$2400)
  • Thermomix in UK price (+/-900£)
  • Thermomix Preis in Deutschland (Germany) (±985€)
  • Thermomix Price in Switzerland (falling Euro discount! +/- 1250 SFr. )
  • Thermomix precio in Spain (+/- 956€)
  • Thermomix price in Cyprus (+/- 12896€)
  • Thermomix price in Singapore and Malaysia (+/-RM5300)
  • Thermomix price, South Africa (ZAR 12654)

(details taken from


That’s a lot of money! That’s a lot of value!
Thermomix users around the world agree: the savings you will gain from owning this powerful machine are more than its cost. Think about a machine that will last you a LONG LONG time which takes over the role of most of the kitchen gadget you have!


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