Penang Hokkien Char with Thermomix



200g yellow noodle

150g bihun

200g chye sim

100g pork slices (marinade with salt, pepper, cornstarch)

150g prawns (marinade salt and pepper)

1pc fish cake

2 pips garlic

2 shallots

20g oil


480g water

15g oyster sauce

15g dark soya sauce

15g light soya sauce

Half teaspoon of salt

Half teaspoon of organic seasoning

1 tsp sesame oil


2 tsp corn starch

15g Chinese wine


1. Place garlic and shallot into TM bowl to chop (1sec/Turbo)

2. All oil to saute (2mins/V/sp2)

3. Add pork slices, prawns and fish cake to stir fry (2.5mins/V/Reverse soft sp)

4. Add in B into TM bowl to cook. When temperature hit 100 degrees Celcius, add chye sim, bihun and noodle through the MC hole. (8mins/V/Reverse soft sp)

5. Last 40secs add in ingredient C. Mix in fried pork, prawns and fishcake well.


Malay Style Char Koay Teow with Thermomix

We all LOVE Char Koay Teow!! But we are also very much aware of the calories that comes with it. So, what if I tell you that you can have your Char Koay Teow the healthier way – the Thermomix way (less oil and cooked at low temperature)?

This Malay Style Char Koay Teow is definitely a great afternoon snack or simple dish for parties.




100g Garlic

50g Oil


600g Beansprout

100g Chili Boh

80g Koay Teow Sauce

300g Water


300g Prawn

600g Koay Teow

200g Clams

6 Eggs (beaten)

100g Chives


1. Put garlic into TM bowl to chop (5secs/sp6)

2. Add oil to saute garlic (3mins/V/sp2)

3. Add in ingredient B in sequence. While water is boiling, add in ingredient C in sequence (8mins/V/Reverse soft sp)


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Mango Cake with Thermomix

A friend requested for the Mango Cake recipe featured on our Facebook account recently.


A) 250g butter (room temperature)

     170g sugar

     5 eggs

     30g fresh milk

     220g plain flour

    5g baking powder

B) 150g mango (shredded)

1. Insert butterfly, place butter and sugar into TM bowl to mix (3mins/sp3)

2. Add in eggs one at a time through MC hole (1min/sp3)

3. Remove butterfly, add in milk, flour and baking powder to mix well (10secs/sp3)

4. Manually mix in mango with spatula. Pour mixture into a greased and lined cake tin, bake in preheated oven 180 degrees Celcius for 45 mins

mango cake


And ta-da!!! Your mango cake should be done. Do share your photos with us after you have tried it. Cheers!




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